SriSriSri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi
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About Guruji
Scientific Saint
Scientific Saint

Since ages, religion, philosophy and science have been trying to explain about creator, creation, God and Soul with umpteen theories. However clarity and completeness are not to be found in any of these. Religions do not agree with one another while Science has not been consistent with new theories being proposed with the advancement of research.

Here is a saint, the scientific saint, explaining and elucidating the long standing chaos about the origin of universe, formation of life, human mind, atma, paramatma etc for the benefit of human – not based on age old scriptures and complex theories but by His Divine Wisdom, in a way that is comprehensible by human reasoning.

Not restricting Himself to theory, He is making people experience the Omni concepts: Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence. He is The Scientific Saint, His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Guru ViswaSphoorthi – The Omnipresent, The Omniscient and The Omnipotent.

"Having been with the universal inspiration of the inventive and intuitional mind, caused by the influence and confluence of the science and conscience... it is my inclination of being coronated as the scientific saint" … Sri Sri Sri Guru ViswaSphoorthi

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi – The Scientific Saint, is an embodiment of simplicity. It would be quite unbelievable, at the first glance, that He who is leading such a ‘down-to-earth’ life in its truest sense is the genitor of the magnanimous super-human grandeur that is experienced through multi-dimensional depth in His writings and the mystic yet practical spiritual performance through 'Mediums'.

Guruji usually lives in solitude. His appearance in public is quite rare. People who seek his divine guidance and blessings can reach Him at spiritual centers known as Dhyana Mano Prasthan. Even at these centers Guruji doesn’t arrive with His physical form. He interacts with people using a unique divine method referred to as ‘Medium’ Concept. A “Medium” is a person who is under control of Guruji’s spiritual vibrations. Guruji, who has been conducting His spiritual activities through the 'medium' process lives at his own residence and converses with people who come to Him at various places on different issues and problems simultaneously. During the period Guruji is in ‘Medium’ nothing personal related to the ‘Medium’ is exposed. As long as Guruji dwells in the ‘Medium’, the bodily changes, expressions, including modulation, are naturally of Guruji. After Guruji leaves the ‘Medium’ they resume their own ‘personality’ and do not know the activities performed their bodies before.

Also, wherever the programmes related to Guruji are conducted, His invisible arrival is suggested by ‘redolence’ – a particular pleasant fragrance. All those who assemble there can feel and experience it. Besides, those who silently chant Guruji's mÅ«lamantra get the similar experience, including Guruji’s voice and vision. Guruji also spiritually treats patients remotely  through spiritual vibration from the place of his residence. All these are not written just because of anyone’s personal belief, figment of imagination or respect for Him. It can be confirmed with people who have got such experience at different places. And YOU can experience it too.

Since Guruji’s Medium performance is contemporary to our lives, there is opportunity for anybody to get proof of it personally and experience it. There is no need to suspect it; nor any place for belief. Just be with no Prejudice.