SriSriSri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi
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About Guruji

DivyaKunj is the temple of the Universal Energy built as per Divine instructions and blessings of the Scientific Saint, His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi

On 31st October 2004 Shri Guruji asked to go ahead with the construction of the "Gurusthanam" and a meditation hall on same foundation structure built earlier. Drawings of temple were submitted which were approved by Sri Guruji. On 26th November 2004 at 3.30 am Sri Guruji laid foundation stone for DivyaKunj and the work was taken up all devotees, artisans, craftsmen, architects and labour from Vijayawada, Nagpur and surroundings.

On 18th Feb 2005 at 3 a.m. Sri Guruji performed HAVAN in GARBHAM and initiated the process of sanctifying the precincts of DIVYAKUNJ by channelizing the Divine energy.

On Ugadi day Sri Guruji conducted classes for Sphoorthi Seeds. On 21st July 2005 i.e on Guru Poornima, Sri Guruji installed the Gurusthanam and Deepastambham. All those present had a wonderful experience. Sri Guruji performed all the activities through MEDIUM.

Divyakunj is probably the first temple of its kind in many ways: 

  • There is no idol in the temple. The Shikharam (Cone shaped roof) is a glass prism through which the Universal Energy is channelized into the Garbham.
  • No metal is used in the construction of the entire structure. Metals are good conductors of energy. Presence of metals disturbs the flow of energy. The whole structure is built with wooden (teak) ballies, - Bamboos and thatched roof. The floor is plastered with cow dung and mud.

The temple consists of

    1. Garbham - The divine Base
    2. Mukh Mandapam
    3. Antaralayam
    4. Maha Mandapam
    5. Wahanam
    6. Dhwajasthambham
    7. Gopuram (Entrance)
  • Divya Kunj is built for humans for preaching Religious Humanism i.e. any human can come to this place irrespective of religion caste, creed, colour & race.

His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi says anyone who comes here with pure mind and heart, will be connected with Divine Energy instantly.