SriSriSri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi
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About Guruji
Divine Performance

The performance of Sri Sri Sri Guru ViswaSphoorthi is multi-pronged. An insight into His ways of interacting with people shows that it defies the laws of physics.

Performance through Medium
The physical appearance of Sri Sri Sri Guru ViswaSphoorthi in public is a very rare occurrence. But He interacts with people at different places regularly using an unknown, unique divine process that is referred to as 'Medium'. Using this method Guruji interacts with people at different places at the same time not through His physical body but by using the bodies of different persons. These persons are known as mediums. Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi chooses some persons, enters their body and interacts with people who come to see Him. This is a regular practice being done at various spiritual centers of Sri Sri Sri Guru ViswaSphoorthi called Dhyana(Mano)Prasthans. During the time of Guruji's influence on the medium, the medium temporarily loses his Memory, Consciousness and Behavior.

Synchronal Multifunction
While performing through mediums, Guruji attends to His normal course of life at the place of presence with His physical body. You can walk in to one of the Dhyana (Mano) Prasthan centers and experience this phenomenon.

During the time Guruji is incarnated in the body of Medium, usually the eyes of Medium remain closed . When you meet Guruji through Medium He doesn’t even look at you. Without any prior introduction Guruji speaks about the issues pertaining to you as if He has been closely observing your life right from the childhood.

Once you meet Guruji through a Medium and discussed about certain issues they will be perfectly reflected across all the conversations you would have at any Dhyana (Mano) Prasthan center and through any Medium even if it is after a long period (say 10 years). You will have similar experience at any Dhyana (Mano) Prasthan though you meet Guruji through a different medium at each place. The relationship or the conversations you have with Guruji are seamless across all Dhyana(Mano)Prasthan centers and any Medium or when you meet Guruji directly. This synchronal multifunction is never heard in history and challenges the known philosophies.

Sri Sri Sri Guru ViswaSphoorthi reveals His presence to the followers (sometimes non-followers too) through an olfactory experience of sweet fragrance. A beautiful fragrance encircles a person when Guruji approaches him spiritually (not in any kind of physical form). Such kind of a fragrance is experienced even in the surroundings that are not conducive for a fragrance. It is a known fact that fragrance cannot travel long distances from its source. Smell is sensed by the sensorium, which is truly in physical form. There are occasions when a person feels the fragrance but the person besides him do not feel the same fragrance when Guruji is spiritually present there. It is a known fact that a fragrance that is physical can be experienced by any person when one comes across it. But in this case, when Guruji is present in redolence, only the person whom Guruji is contacting experiences the fragrance.

Performance of Sri Sri Sri Guru ViswaSphoorthi – An Insight
Believing or disbelieving anything is usually based on tendencies. But that doesn’t change the reality. That “Guruji, while being present at a different place, performs at different places simultaneously” is not just a belief. Though the phenomenon is beyond the existing human comprehensions the performance cannot be ruled out unless one tests it, because ‘believing' or 'not-believing’ is altogether different from ‘experiencing’.

Performance of Sri Sri Sri Guru ViswaSphoorthi beyond Religion and Philosophy
It is believed that the soul exists in every being right from the birth. Once the soul leaves the body the being is considered to be dead. The soul searches for another body and dwells in it.If this is true, there should be a soul for everyone and that soul is essential to be in the body for the person to continue living.

If the above theory is applied to Guruji's performance, where would the soul of the person acting as medium go? Moreover, if Guruji’s soul enters the body of the medium how does the original body of Guruji attends to its normal duties? If the soul of Guruji is in one medium how is the interaction of Guruji with people at different places possible at the same time through other mediums?  How come the mannerisms of Guruji are depicted in all the Mediums? When Guruji withdraws Himself from the body of a medium the person acting as a medium regains his mind, his thoughts and his mannerisms. It may be assumed that the person acting as a Medium himself is interacting with people. If this is true how can a Medium talk about the issues that were discussed previously through another Medium at a different place?

This unique performance of Guruji cannot be explained on the basis of the Soul concept that is advocated by the religion and philosophy.

Performance of Sri Sri Sri Guru ViswaSphoorthi defies existing scientific laws

Though Sri Sri Sri Guru ViswaSphoorthi is in the universe that is bound by the rule of single existence, His unique performances are undeniable proofs of His energy that cannot be explained by the existing scientific laws.

Multiple Existence
Matter cannot exist at two different places at a time. But the fact that Guruji exists at different places at a time through different Mediums stands good on the principle of “Theory, Experiment and Experience”. Anyone can walk in to the spiritual centers and have an experience of this phenomenon. Even a layman can experience this.

Time and Distance – a zero for the Scientific Saint
Any displacement from one place to the other should take some time. In the case of Guruji, though the spiritual centers are located at hundreds of miles away from each other He is performing at all the centers at same time. His existence is not single because Guruji is present at all the Dhyan(Mano)Prasthan centers. His actions are not single because at one center Guruji interacts with a person on a topic of physics and at another may be on medicine. He travels in Multi directions. This is evident from His presence in different centers that are located in different directions from His actual presence.

Following are the characteristics that are depicted from His Performances:

Omnipresent:           The ability to be present in every place at the same time; unbounded or universal presence

Omniscient:              The capacity to know everything. (People discuss with Guruji on various topics ranging from Physics to universal laws to medicine).

Omni benevolent:    It is the property of being perfectly good.

Omnipotent:              It is the power with no limits or inexhaustible, in other words, unlimited power

These performances of Sri Sri Sri Guru ViswaSphoorthi can easily be verified and observed even by a layman. It is an established fact that only the energy is all pervasive and it can be expressed by an embodiment.  His performances that defy time and natural laws may be based on this principle. However observation and verification are accepted scientific methods and anyone is welcome to do so.