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Posted on Mar 01, 2010

Since the time Guruji has entered my life I feel anchored, firmly been planted again, nourished with a higher purpose in life. It has taken away lot of negativity and added peace, joy and happiness in life’s existence. What else can I ask for, when he has saved me from drowning.

Being in the Armed forces we keep changing places every two years or so. And this time, after a stay of two years at Hyderabad, we were already posted out and ready to move o...

Kusum RasalaHyderabad

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Guru JI, The True Healer
Posted on Sep 03, 2010

                                        Sphoorthi Oum

Saluation to the holy feet of Guru Ji & to all Sphoorthi family.  I would like to share an incident were in Guru ji proved him self to be Healer & protector.

rakesh kumar tiwarihyderabad

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Blessed to have Him in my life
Posted on Nov 27, 2010

My father is a diabetic patient for last 20years,because of which he has been facing a lot of problems. Five  years ago for the first time when the doctor advised him to start insulin, we all were surprised that how will it be possible to inject the insuline on my fathers body. This would be so painful every day. We presented this message to Guruji through 'Medium'. The next day we got a message from shri Guruji that we dont have to start the insulin at that time, he will send a packet of "haldi" to which we have to mix that in a seperate water pot and my father have to drink th...

Hitesh Ratnakardelhi/chhindwara

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Posted on Nov 30, 2010

                                      SPHOORTHI AUM

Saluations to the holy feet of Guru Ji & to all Sphoorthi Family.  I would like to share a real experience where in Guru ji proved that He always protects all the Sphoorthi Family members.

On 22nd Sept 2010 at around 5.00 p.m., I with my family, w...

rakesh kumar tiwarihyderabad

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omnipresence of guruji
Posted on Jan 01, 2011

Sphoorthi oum,

        I am pradeep m. When I was waiting to have interview with Guruji, me and my friend were chit chating. I have been observing the growth of pomegranate tree there in the dhyana(mano)prasthan center for a long time. As the tree looks small but it was producing a good number of fruits, by showing that I just told to my friend- "It is small but producing more fruits, is'nt it?".  

pradeepyousufguda, Hyderabad

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