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About Guruji
Dhyana Mano Prasthan
Dhyana Mano Prasthan

Guruji has established the spiritual centers of Dhyana(Mano) Prasthan and has been guiding the seekers dmpthrough the purposes of their lives and destining them to the path of the truth. Dhyana (Mano) Prasthan is the platform for these spiritual activities of the Scientific Saint His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi. Though Guruji does not arrive with His physical body to interact with the seekers, He employs a unique divine method to do so… which is referred to as ‘Medium’.

A “Medium” is a person who is under control of Guruji’s spiritual vibrations. Guruji, while leading His day-to-day life at His residence, converses with people at different Dhyana(Mano) Prasthan centers at different locations simultaneously. During the period Guruji is incarnated in the ‘Medium’ nothing personal related to the ‘Medium’ is exposed.  As long as Guruji dwells in the ‘Medium’, the bodily changes, expressions, including modulation, are naturally of Guruji.  After Guruji leaves the ‘Medium’ the person performing as ‘Medium’ resumes his/her own ‘personality’ and do not know the activities performed through their bodies by Guruji.   People who want to meet Guruji can do so at these Dhyana(Mano)Prasthan centers on scheduled days.


Dhyana(Mano)Prasthan means the step by step ascension of Mind by means of Meditation.

Creation: Mother Universe (Viswa Matha) is the origin which is self-existent (The Swayambhu). The Universal Energy is emitted eternally from the Mother Universe which transmigrates itself into Universal matter (Brahma Padartha). The universal matter further evolutes into various forms: Space Matter, Galactical Matter, Star Matter, Solar Matter, Planetary Matter and the Bio matter. The bio-matter which started with a single cell organism evolved into different species before it took the form of Human. The bio-chemical change in the neurons of human brain caused by the interaction of five senses with the nature, the surroundings and the circumstances is the Mind. Human Mind, thus formed, carries the subtlety of the Universal Energy drives the living.

Ascension:Prasthan is step-by-step ascension process to the highest state with Sadhana (Arduous Practice). In contrast to the evolution, which is the collective mutation in species, Prasthan (The Ascension) does not occur by itself. It needs certain disciplined practices to attain such higher stages. In the case of human mind, the subtlety of the universal energy can be ascended further to the states of Conscience, The Mind of the Moral Sanctity (Antaratman), Spiritual Soul (Atman), Divine Soul (Divyatman), the Supreme Soul (Paramatman) and can further be absorbed into the Mother Universe (the Origin) thus completing the perfect circle.

Thus the objective of the Scientific Saint His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi in establishing the centers of Dhyana(Mano)Prasthan is to transform the human mind to the state of the Supreme Soul

 Divine Blessings
When you enter Dhyana(Mano)Prasthan for the first time His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi, with His blessings implants a divine seed within you that gives you the potency to embark the path of Ascension of Mind when you practice meditation.

Talk to Guruji Personally
Guruji says Spiritual life and physical life cannot be viewed as two different things. It is the physical life that is important to achieve even the spiritual growth. Only when you get the physical life right, you can think any further. People from all walks of life irrespective of religion meet Guruji and have a personal interview with Him. During your personal interview with Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi through ‘Medium’  you can discuss any relevant matter pertaining to your life – be it about  your Sadhana, Health, Career, Family etc. Guruji will guide you with practical solutions to your problems. Initially by making you to take complete control of your physical life Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi gradually leads you to the path of the Dhyana(Mano)Prasthan – Ascension of Human Mind through Meditation based on the principles of Scientific Spirituality and Practical Philosophy.


Dhyan is Meditation. Meditation is usually preached as concentrating on breath or an object. By doing so what can be attained is a temporary relaxation of mind that results due to shifting focus away from day to day activities. However after an hour or so we have to keep servile to the circumstances of day-to-day living. Meditation has certainly a greater purpose and varied benefits that accrue out of it. The fact that Mind is the core element of meditation necessitates an understanding about mind before we venture in to meditation. It is obvious that only when we have a comprehensive understanding of a tool its usage is possible. (Like what is writing without a pen or pencil?) Meditation is being talked about extensively through all media but the tool that meditates – the mind – is not talked about.

 His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi defines and describes the nature of mind and has advocated a step-by-step process for attaining the state of meditation - Asana Pranayama Dhyana. By practicing this procedure one can strengthen the mind and transform it to higher levels of performance rather than just attaining temporary mental peace.  Regular sadhana of this Asana Pranayama Dhyana allows a spiritual contact with His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi and leads the mind in the path of ascension towards the state of conscience, The Mind of the Moral Sanctity and further to the state of Spiritual Soul.