SriSriSri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi
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About Guruji
Dhyana Mano Prasthan
Code of Conduct

Kindly understand and follow instructions given below. You are requested to implement them for spiritual progress.

  1. Kindly take head bath, dress white, (Convenient dress) to attend Dhyana(mano)prasthan. White Kurta - Pyjama for gents and light colour salwar suit or sari for ladies shall be congenial for Dhyan.
  2. After coming to the Dhyana centre please wash your feet and hands with the water kept for you at the entrance and sprinkle haldi water on yourself for further purification.
  3. As per your convenience kindly sit in rows marked separately for gents and ladies.
  4. New members coming for first time are requested to register their name and address with telephone number, to enable us to contact them and inform them of various activities in future.
  5. Kindly maintain silence in meditation hall to create atmosphere of peace and harmony. If you feel it necessary, kindly leave meditation hall, complete the conversation and re-enter the hall. Kindly enforce strict self-discipline during your presence in meditation hall.
  6. You are supposed to practice at least 45 minutes of meditation. Earlier to Dhyan, you are required to practice breathing process as demonstrated by the volunteers.
  7. Sri Guruji conducts group discussions during Dhyana(mano)prasthan sessions leading the Jnana Prasthan. You are required to express your opinion on the subject under discussion without any hesitation, without indulging in debate. Learn to respect feelings of others also.
  8. Before going for interview with Sri Guruji, please remove all metalic things, belt etc. to enable you to receive spiritual energy effectively from Sri Guruji.
  9. During your personal interview with Sri Guruji please be precise and ask questions with a purpose. Try to take less time to complete interview so that others in queue need not wait for long. Do not repeat the questions.
  10. At the end of interview Sri Guruji will give you prasadam. Please ask the volunteers to know how the prasadam is to be consumed.
  11. For ladies, during menstrual period (6 days) they are requested not to attend Dhyana(mano)prasthan.
  12. It is advised to take vegetarian food on the day of Dhyana(mano)prasthan.
  13. Please don't consume solid food during the period commencing 2 hrs. earlier to Dhyana(mano)prasthan. (Try to attend Dhyana(mano)prasthan with empty stomach)
  14. Before leaving Dhyana(mano)prasthan kindly write your experiences in a register kept for this purpose.