SriSriSri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi
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About Guruji
Jnana Prasthan

The books authored by His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi are a goldmine of information, knowledge not only on spirituality, but also on various issues of social, political and scientific origin. Right from the origin of universe till the issues related to today's high-tech civilization with diminished moral, ethical and human values have been extensively written, explained, discussed and analyzed in these books.


Guruji has answered many long standing unanswered questions scientifically in each of these writings. In any of the books we can nowhere find a reference to any scripture or other form of existing human knowledge. This distinct feature reveals that the Knowledge acquired by His Holiness is completely ‘Self’ attained i.e, Brahma Jnana.

Guruji through His books, in His usual approach of practical philosophy recommends for coordination between the scientific and political communities and a mandatory incorporation of 'spirituality', the 'super science' for the goodness of the individuals and the society. He emphasizes that meditation may be used as an instrument to achieve personal peace (tranquility) and lead moral life. Subsequently, 'Universal Peace' may be achieved based on the concept (theory) of Guruji.

The writings are of varied genres including prose, poetry and drama. Guruji had revealed innumerable secrets of the universe, Creation, God, Soul, Re-birth etc which may bring a spiritual and a scientific revolution.
Following are the books written by the Scientific Saint, His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi:

Avagahana-Avedana Dhyana Mano Prasthanam Divya Sphoorthi - Annual Magazine Edo Kalakshepam
Jeevitha Sphoorthi Jeevitham Manishi-Matamu Manoprasthanam
Meeremantaru Our Experiences with Guruji Prajarajyam Prasthana Parivartana
Sphoorthi Deepika-Annual Magazine Sphoorthi Samkshiptalu Sphoorthi Synopsis The Analysis
The-Ascension-of-Mind The-Bits The-Chat The-Dialogue
The-Expressions The-Narrations The-Opinions The-Relations