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Jnana Prasthan
Jnana Prasthan

(Sri Guruji’s speech at a devotee’s House on 24/8/2005)

Negative feeling among members of the family will break a home. If you are suspecting, then you do not believe in yourself. A strong bond is very important. Trust and togetherness is necessary. If you trust yourself and then trust your partner, your friends, you colleagues, then the house can become a Home and transform further to a Temple. If you go and wish ill for someone at a temple, it will become only a building (a house, a structure).

(Summary of lecture delivered by Sri Guruji at Nagpur D. P. on 21.8.05, Sunday)

Instincts and intuition are in every person. They should be used for self development and flowering of the personality. People are divided in to various sub – groups like North Indians, South Indians, Bengalis, Gujrathis, etc. The combination of instincts and intution varies according to this sub – division and fragmentation based on geography, environment, culture etc. Coming back to the intellect, People acquire some information and try to know about some thing in the form of so called knowledge, for the sake of pleasure of intellect. ou are required to understand the pleasure of intellect. The division and fragmentation of people is also for the sake of pleasure of intellect. No body aims at establishing peace. Intellect is getting engaged for its own pleasure.

(Summary of Sri Guru Vishwa Sphoorthi's lecture delivered on 31.7.05 Sunday at Dhyan Prasthan, Nagpu

We have studied science in school. During that time, we learnt many theorems and laws of science. It is not easy to remember all of them. But, many of us remember Newton's laws of motion. That too third law of motion must be very easy to remember. Probably it pertains to action and reaction, is it not? Yes, it is so. During our day to day activities more often we discuss or criticize usually about the actions or reactions that take place. It may not be easy to come out of this vicious circle of reaction, criticism and reaction. Moreover once we are in the web of such vicious circle, there will not be any development in personality of any individual. To over come such situation the important thing to be taken care of is, ‘not about the reaction’. The right perception about the action behind the reaction is better. Not only that, it will be the best to go for analysis, for getting ‘in depth perception’, about the cause of that action. That means the “science of cause of action” should be explored. Then only, man gets transformed to human, possessing humanity and he will be enabled to put into practice the humanity. Hence a man should exert efforts to know “science of cause of action” to enable him to get progress in the direction of humanity.

(Guruji's lecture; dated: 15/05/2005, Sunday, at DhyanPrasthan, Nagpur)

Before entering the hall, Guruji sought the permission of the devotees to enter the hall. But, this time it was mission critical. Therefore Guruji adopted an assertive approach to solve his purpose. Guruji started by emphasizing the need to come to Dhyan Prasthan. He said “why do you come here?” It is very important to understand the purpose of coming, by every individual. Don't come here to listen or to pass your time. The most relevant thing is to think 'why do I come here?' ‘I know my purpose, but I want you to be clear about your purpose!”

(Summary of leature delivered by Sri Guruji on 27.3.05, Sunday at Dhyan Prasthan, Nagpur)

Shri Guruji asked the devotees to give their introduction one by one. Amongst the devotees there is no body who has come to Dhyan Prasthan for the first time. Therefore, they could not understand why Guruji wanted everybody to give acquaintance. Guruji can know even the past and future of new devotees without their identities being told by them. No one could understand the intention of Guruji. Understanding the situation Guruji pointed to one of the devotees to give his identity and thereby, everybody, one by one, gave their biodata. At the end Guruji spoke as below:

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